September 18, 2019

It’s no secret that Sri Lanka has an abundance of wildlife, and being animal lovers ourselves, this was one of the main draws in visiting this incredible island. We wanted to see it all; but we also like doing things our own way, at our own pace. So what better way to do this than by travelling like a local... in a tuktuk! Here we have curated the perfect itinerary for a wildlife adventure and having your very own tuktuk is essential in getting the most out of the following places.

So, most trips to Sri Lanka start in the capital of Colombo which is the perfect place to begin this epic road trip. Grab yourself some curry and rice from Curry Pot and head to the suburb of Mount Lavinia to meet the tuktuk rental team. Here, they'll give you all the necessary help and advice to help you along the way. This includes a driving lesson until you feel confident enough to go it alone, and all the technical information about the vehicle. It may seem a lot to take in, but you will be give...

August 25, 2019

One of our main reasons for visiting Turkey, was the magical landscape of Cappadocia that we’d seen plastered all over the ‘gram. It had been on our bucket list for quite a while, as we’re sure it is for many others, however, situated in the centre of Turkey, it’s not the easiest of destinations to reach. Here we give you the full lowdown of our 2 week itinerary road tripping through Turkey complete with the costs of renting a car.

We landed in Antalya after taking a cheap Jet2 flight from the UK. We arrived late and planned to stay for one night so that we could pick up the car the next morning and give ourselves the full day to complete the 6-7 hour journey to Cappadocia. The easiest way to travel from the airport to the centre is by tram (terminal 1) or bus (terminal 1 and 2; no. 600 or 600A). 

We collected our car the next morning around 10am by getting back to the airport and calling the company to collect us and take us to their office. This is in no way affiliated to thi...

August 3, 2019

Istanbul is famous for its cuisine but every blog or article we read before arriving either recommends places scattered all over this humongous city or just advises which foods to try and not where to find them. This left us with a huge question, where should we stay in Istanbul to best experience all of these mouthwatering delicacies. After speaking to locals and doing an unholy amount of research we landed on the Asian side of Istanbul. Most tourists opt to stay on the European side as it is where most of the major attractions are located such as the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque. However the food and drink scene is very tourist directed and we found visiting on the ferry for a day to be more than enough. The ferry from the Asian side takes just 15 minutes and costs less than a Euro and is so worth it to stay away from the hustle and bustle of tour busses and snapping cameras. 

Here we explore the heart of the Asian side of this metropolis in the trendy and somewhat gentrified, Kadikoy....

June 23, 2019

So, as you may or may not know, we arrived back from our two year travels in July 2018 and we have been residing in the UK ever since. This has given us the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places in our own country, places we didn't even know were on our own doorstep. It's safe to say we've made the most of our year back in the UK however, we've got some exciting plans for the future! Check how you too, can make the most of weekend breaks in the UK with our Best British Staycations...

Strawberryfield Park, Somerset

With our wedding anniversary fast approaching in May, we were kindly invited to check out these eco-friendly lodges at Strawberryfield Park. Perfectly located between Cheddar, the origin of cheddar cheese, and Wells, the smallest city in England. Living up north, we don’t often get a chance to explore the south of England - apart from Glastonbury Festival where Liam doesn’t see further than the fields - so we were excited to see what this place had to offer. 


February 12, 2019

The Hitched Hikers have been featured in British national newspaper, the Daily Mail. We are excited to share the story with all of our followers and would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Read the full story here or below:

Now THAT’s a honeymoon! Newlywed couple sold everything they owned to fund a two YEAR dream trip around the world - taking in 20 different countries

  • Philippa, 26, and Liam Doherty, 32 , sold possesions to take two year honeymoon

  • Spent less than £20,000, and say their trip was cheaper than average wedding

  • The pair from Bradford, West Yorkshire, saw 20 countries in 730 days


For most, a week or two away in the sun is enough to unwind following the excitement of their wedding day - but not for one British couple. Instead, teachers Philippa, 26, and Liam Doherty, 32, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, sold their possessions to take a honeymoon that lasted two years. They spent 730 d...

December 14, 2018

So, you may have heard about the incredible zip line in north wales, not only the biggest in Europe but the fastest in the world! Liam expressed an interest but its safe to say that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Being a scaredy pants who doesn’t ride rollercoasters or water slides I was pretty sure that this wasn’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless I found myself a few weeks later in a red jumpsuit, 500ft above a lake in Penryhn quarry. So here’s my account of riding the worlds fastest zip line... as an absolute wimp!

So I’ll begin with the nice part, the drive there. Zipworld is located in Snowdonia national park which, if you’ve never been, is stunning and a must visit. As you drive through picturesque villages and incredible landscapes you’ll find yourself forgetting what you’ve actually come for, which was very calming in my case. If you decide to check out Zipworld it might be worth making a weekend of it, climbing Mount Snowdon and exploring neighbouring towns such as Betws...

August 31, 2018

The Czech Republic is a huge draw for all travellers, surrounded by the likes of Vienna, Bratislava and Krakow, it's perfect for inter-raillers and backpackers alike. It's also an ideal place to explore for couples and family breaks... not to mention a party weekend like we decided to head out on to welcome me back to the country after being away from my friends for two years. When you hear about people visiting Czech Republic however, more often than not it will be centred around the capital city of Prague but we’re hear to tell you that Czech Republic has so much more to offer so why not spend a few days sightseeing this wonderful city and then use the fantastic train system to get about the country and use our guide for inspiration.


The capital city and tourist hotspot of Czech Republic is a perfect place to start, known for both boozy stag dos and romantic city breaks, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque city and MeetMe23 caters for them all. With...

August 15, 2018

New York is among some of the world's most 'Instagrammable' cities and with stunning attractions, landmarks and vantage points everywhere you look, it's difficult to know where to start. To help you on your way, here's our list of must see spots and the best way to capture them during your time in New York City.

1. Library Hotel

What better place to kick off the most Instagrammable spots than right here at your hotel? You’ve found yourself in the centre of this lively city but sometimes you just need that little bit of time out and lucky for you there’s a whole host of chill out spots at the Library Hotel where you can spend time filling your Instagram feed on the super fast wifi. As the name suggest, the hotel is home to over 6000 books so whether you’re in your dewey decimal category themed room, enjoying the free wine and cheese between 5-8pm, drinking cocktails overlooking the city or enjoying the delicious free breakfast, pick up a book and capture that candid shot. 


July 31, 2018

If you plan to visit this party town of New Orleans, there’s no doubt that the best time to do so is on the weekend. The streets are lively with both locals and tourists alike, the incredible bands play from morning til night and the atmosphere is electric. 

We arrived into New Orleans bus terminal with our friends from Houston on Friday evening keen to experience the weekend buzz. We decided to stay at the newest and hippest hostel in town, The Quisby. We chose it because of its perfect location, only a five minute walk from the bus station and close enough to the chaos of Bourbon Street without the late night noise from the bars, we are getting a bit old after all. A quick turnaround and we were ready to jump on a street car (or tram as we know them in Britain) conveniently located directly outside the front door of the Quisby. They are the best way to get around the city, as they run 24 hours a day and cost only $3 for a day pass (which can be used 24h from time of purchase and at $1...

July 21, 2018

This jungle paradise is located along the northern coast of Colombia and a must visit on any travellers itinerary. To get to the north, we recommend taking a flight with Viva Colombia from either Medellin or Bogotá to Santa Marta, the closest city to Parque Tayrona. The flights are cheap and, if you book in advance, often cheaper than the 15 hour plus bus to get there.

Santa Marta itself is not a particularly picturesque city so we recommend heading out of the city to El Rio Hostel. By starting your journey here, you can get a good night sleep to set off early morning and it’s only a 15 minute bus ride to the entrance of the park. You can also fill up your water bottle with the free drinking water at El Rio Hostel as it’s expensive in the park and leave your big packs here for a few days. We recommend packing light into a smaller backpack as you will be carrying it on the trek for hours in the blistering heat. Remember to pack swimsuits, suncream, hats, comfy shoes and a towel.

To get th...

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