Where To Get The Best and Cheapest Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad?

January 23, 2018

With the costs of dental work on the rise, many people are starting to look abroad for treatment. But how on earth do you know where to start?


I was in Japan when I noticed a rapid decline in the health of my teeth, they became discoloured and had start to erode to the point I felt too self conscious to smile. So, with only one South East Asian country left on my itinerary before heading to some of the most expensive countries, Australia and New Zealand, I started to do my research on dentists in none other than, the Philippines. Luckily, it was then that I found out that not only was the Philippines amongst one of the cheapest countries in the world for dental work, but it was also one of the best, with many dentists been trained in the USA so the standard is extremely high.


The city of Manila is home to hundreds of dentists, many lining the streets of the bustling capital, so it's hard to pick out the good from the not so good. I spent time researching and emailing until I was happy I'd found the right dentist to do the job, which is always the most important step in having cosmetic work done abroad. 

Dr. Richard, from Smile More, was thorough in his emails, requesting pictures of my teeth and then diagnosing and recommending treatment. He invited me for a consultation upon my arrival in Manila and, still apprehensive, I was instantly relaxed when I walked into his professional and clean practice and met with his wonderful staff. 


He talked me through the procedure of composite veneers, deciding this was the best course of action due to time and costs. For porcelain veneers, imprints need to be taken of your teeth and the veneers then specially made which can take a number of days. Your teeth are then shaved down to a peg and the cap put on, meaning it's a pretty drastic and permanent treatment. Composite veneers, on the other hand, require a light shaving off the front of the teeth and the veneer is then 'painted' onto the front of the teeth. It can still be used to correct the alignment of teeth and make them whiter. Composite veneers can last a long time so long as they are looked after and if they chip, they are easily repaired. 


As a dentist phobe, I was anxious about the procedure but Richard advised of each step and the dental nurse was friendly and reassuring too. I was in the chair for around 4 hours and came back the next day for whitening of my bottom teeth to match the new veneers. Imprints were also taken of my top teeth and I was fitted with a mouth guard to protect my new teeth from grinding in my sleep. Other care includes, not biting directly with them but chopping up food into smaller parts instead, regular flossing and cutting down on sugary food and drinks (super difficult for me!)


I would definitely recommend heading to the Philippines for dental work and you can also combine it with a holiday on one of the stunning surrounding islands.. it doesn't get better than that! Dr. Richard is thorough but efficient which is useful for making the most of your holiday. I was over the moon with the results, Richard really did work some magic and gave me something to smile about! 

As with anything, remember to do your own thorough research and only go ahead with treatment if you feel one hundred percent happy and comfortable. Find contact details for Dr. Richard here or Smile More dental clinic, take a look here

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