5 things you need to know before visiting Milford Sound

April 17, 2018

We spent so long deliberating about the best way to do Milford Sound, but one thing was clear... WE HAD TO DO IT! After so much consideration here are our top five things you need to know before visiting Milford Sound.



Although there’s apparently a 1 in 50 chance of a clear day at Milford Sound due to the mountainous landscape, it’s still worth having a quick check of the weather forecast beforehand. We recommend trying to book a departure time in the afternoon, giving time for the clouds to lift. We set off from Te Anau in the morning to a miserable, rainy day but by 4.30pm we had a clear day where we could admire the mountain peaks and see dolphins in the crystal clear waters.



Do your research as to which cruise company suits your needs. We opted for Mitre Peak cruises due to their smaller boats, meaning they get closer to the waterfalls and have less people on board. Some of the boats we spotted are huge and made us super happy with our choice!



If possible, we recommend not booking a tour but to self drive instead. This means you can take your time in getting there and back, stopping off at all the amazing view points along the way.



If you do have a car, then don’t just arrive in time for your cruise. Explore the area, follow the walking trails and take some beautiful photographs of the reflections on a clear day. You might even end up booking a scenic flight to view Milford Sound from above!


Be aware there are only one or two cafes in the Milford Sound area so you might want to bring a picnic and sit out admiring the views. The nearest place with an array of bars and restaurants is Te Anau, where most people stay the night before or after their visit!

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